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Doctors 2.0 & You (Paris June 5-6, 2014) is the leading international conference devoted to new technologies, as seen from the physician and patient perspective.
Doctors 2.0 & You, partner of Stanford Medicine X, brings together physicians, patients, technology providers, industry, payers, and government in an exciting 360° look at the latest tools impacting the practice of medicine. Topics for the 4th edition include: online communities, healthcare social media, mobile apps, quantified self, serious games, quantified self, wearables,...


The feedback from members participating in SOPE activities and events has been a consistent call for “give us more.” There is no other venue for physician and other medical professional entrepreneurs and would-be-entrepreneurs. The SOPE website and local chapter meetings offer a special place for physicians and other medical professional entrepreneurs to identify themselves and engage other stakeholders who can help them.  SOPE leadership often counsels and mentor members on a one-on-one basis to help them get to the next step in their entrepreneurial pursuit.  Physicians drive hundreds of miles to attend local chapter events to hear experts on business topics of interest to them and to meet other like-minded medical professionals.


Stakeholder Corporations can participate in SOPE’s Sponsorship Programs for both SOPE and the local chapters, which enable corporate sponsors to not only provide financial support, but also to get involved and share their expertise in SOPE’s programs, activities and community of interest.  The interaction between SOPE members and stakeholder support corporations is needed and mutually beneficial. (See Exhibit B)


The Society of Physician Entrepreneurs (SOPE), a global biomedical and healthcare innovation network, was founded by three physicians in early 2011 as a non-profit member organization with a separate supporting tax-exempt foundation. Membership is open to both medical professionals and other healthcare stakeholders.

SOPE seeks to make a better world through improved healthcare delivery as it helps launch new businesses that increase job creation and global competition. Healthcare improvements include better treatment, greater and faster access and lower costs.

SOPE is unique in its make-up, leadership and mission and is at the forefront of realizing and increasing the speed-to-market of healthcare innovation. The society is the only international organization founded and led by physicians supporting physicians and other medical professionals on the front lines of healthcare delivery who need help in bringing their ideas, inventions and innovations to life. SOPE is the only “go-to place” for gaining knowledge from experienced medical professional entrepreneurs, as well as for learning about available sources of education and support services that help physicians and other medical professionals pursue an entrepreneurial path.

SOPE’s core contingency has few, if any, other sources of dedicated support. Private practice and community-based medical professionals are the most significant source of healthcare-related commercial innovations. Yet, this group generally has little relevant business education and demanding jobs leaving little time to get a business up and running, much less investigating the prospects for a new idea. SOPE provides the network to encourage, educate, and connect entrepreneurs so that new ideas get a chance.

SOPE operates in the very early stages of innovation commercialization, encouraging entrepreneurial physicians and other medical professionals with ways to improve healthcare to explore the possibilities and empowering them when they decide to take the initial steps in the go-to-market process.

Universities and businesses are instituting new programs to identify and spawn internally generated innovation, and local and federal governments are looking for ways to support them. SOPE’s educational programs, community support and networking venues cut across all of these organizations’ reach to the physician and other medical professional entrepreneurs. Most importantly, it includes community-based private practice healthcare delivery organizations as well, and works with all stakeholders to support ways to speed commercialization of patient care enhancements.

Local chapters exist in 10 cities with another 15 expected worldwide by the end of the year.


The Society of Physician Entrepreneurs (SOPE) is a global biomedical and healthcare innovation network.


Vision: Our vision is to create a global community that accelerates medical innovation to patients around the world.


Mission: Getting biomedical and health ideas to patients

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