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The response to SoPE from physician entrepreneurs and other stakeholders in physician entrepreneurship has been extremely supportive, and the common theme is "give us more;" particularly more education programs, opportunities to network, and access to service support entities and early stage funding sources. The response from physician entrepreneurs and other stakeholders in physician entrepreneurship reveals that the process for commercialization of biomedical and healthcare innovation is poorly understood and inefficient.

SoPE intends to take the lead in:

  1. Conducting research on the biomedical and healthcare innovation commercialization process,
  2. Sponsoring conferences and events for all stakeholders in the process to identify solutions that bring needed improvements and efficiencies to the process,
  3. Educating physician entrepreneurs and other stakeholders on the process,
  4. Providing practical support programs for physician entrepreneurs,
  5. Acting as a clearinghouse for physician entrepreneurs' access to support services and early stage funding, and
  6. Providing a forum for later stage funding sources, distribution channels, and acquisition minded corporations to participate early-on in the process.

SoPE has a value proposition for each major stakeholder group:

Physician Entrepreneurs--SoPE intends to offer practical support programs to all types of physician entrepreneurs within 3 main healthcare educational tracks:

  1. Devices, Drugs and Diagnostics -- traditional market segment of items utilized by healthcare providers in patient care or marketed direct to consumer.
  2. Medical Services-- broad market segment of products and services that address in some way the cost, efficiency, quality, availability or some other aspect of healthcare.
  3. Healthcare IT and Telemedicine Products and Services

The support programs will be designed to serve the needs of physician entrepreneurs for information, concept evaluation and assessment, early stage financing and the full range of support services involved in commercializing innovation.  In addition, SoPE will provide physician entrepreneurs with the opportunity to network with their peers and others involved in the innovation commercialization process.

Medical Device and Drug Companies (Devices and Drugs) and High Technology et al (Medical Related Products and Services)-- SoPE intends to involve these companies in programs which will provide them with access to new ideas and prospective future acquisitions, physician feedback and opinion, and a forum to share their needs and rules of engagement.

Service Support Organizations-- SoPE intends to involve service support organizations in programs which will serve as a marketing forum for them to make physician entrepreneurs aware of their capabilities.

Investors--SoPE intends to identify early stage investment funds sources for its members and facilitate engagement with VC's and other later stage investors in programs which will make them aware of investment opportunities and educate physician entrepreneurs about investors' areas of interest and expectations.

Private Economic Development and Government Agencies--SoPE intends to partner with local, regional and federal  agencies and not-for-profits responsible for growing and regulating healthcare innovation.



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