About the Innovation Lab

SoPE and TII partnership

The Innovation Institute is an independent, for-profit LLC owned by non-profit health systems for cultivating innovative solutions to transform healthcare delivery. This unique collaborative comprises over 23,000+ physicians and 170,000 healthcare workers from over 100+ hospitals and 500+ clinics, along with extensive industry business partners, to incubate and commercialize new medical products and ideas. See The Innovation Institute’s website: www.ii4change.com.

The Innovation Institute and SoPE partnership gives SoPE the opportunity to work with TII’s team of Ph.D.’s, M.D.’s, and tech transfer staff to commercialize and take their ideas to market. Essentially, the SoPE network of physicians can tap into the Innovation Institute through software set up to facilitate the submission and commercialization of ideas.

The Innovation Institute will help SoPE achieve our vision to empower physicians and other professionals to innovate ‘mind-to-market’ solutions, and connect similar forward-thinking individuals. Collaboration is key to success in healthcare innovation, and SoPE is excited for the potential that this relationship can offer to it’s registered members.

Instructions to submit your idea, review and approval processes.  

If you wish to team up with SOPE and Innovation Lab (“Lab”) on your medical innovation, click on the “Submit An Idea” button below to complete a brief Idea Pre-screen Form. Once we receive your submission, SoPE will conduct a preliminary review and provide an approval or rejection via email.  If your submission passes the initial review by SoPE, you will receive an email with a link  to share your idea with the Lab to evaluate the opportunity. 


Click here for detailed submission instructions.

Submit an Idea
Note: Must be a dues paying registered SoPE member to submit ideas.


IP Policy

Innovation lab takes no ownership of, or responsibility for, your submission when you initially submit. If your submission passes our first tier of evaluation, you will then be invited to create an account on our ideation platform and submit a more detailed Invention Disclosure Form. At this stage, we will require that you (and any additional contributors) transfer exclusive ownership and/or control of the concept and any IP rights contained therein. This will be accomplished through an agreement between Innovation Lab and you in the form of an assignment or license of rights, where appropriate. You will assign your rights to Innovation Lab if you own the submission and have not obligated it to another entity (e.g., employer, company, etc.). If the rights are owned and controlled by your employer, you will first be required to secure the rights from your employer before assigning or licensing such rights to Innovation Lab.  This transfer of ownership is necessary to justify the significant investment required for developing, protecting and advancing your concept to market.

Revenue Distribution from Commercialization

Revenue Distribution from Commercialization will depend on the agreement or vehicle under which we secure the rights to develop and commercialize your submission.


SOPE and Lab will only consider initial ideas on a non-confidential basis. By submitting your idea, you are neither entering into a confidential relationship with us nor receiving any guarantee of secrecy from us. The business risks associated with confidential relationships and obligations of secrecy are too great for the company to enter into them for the purpose of preliminary evaluation of initial ideas. Lab is not required to keep your idea confidential and if your idea is not protected by any form of intellectual property, note that your submission to us may be considered publication of your idea.

Please note also that acceptance of your submission does not oblige Innovation Lab or SOPE or use the information or otherwise create an agreement between you and Lab – any review of your submission at this time will be made by SOPE and the Lab on a non-confidential, gratuitous, and non-committal basis, and SOPE and the Lab will remain free to acquire and develop products or services competitive with those disclosed by you.