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The Art of Crafting a Non-Binding Term Sheet

One of the most meaningful milestones for start-ups and young companies is the establishment of a relationship with a larger pharma company, medical device/diagnostics firm, or provider network. You have spent a long time and countless hours going to partnering events, “kissing many frogs”, and dancing with partners that had two left feet! Now is… Read more »

Positioning Your Startups for Success

Jeffrey Hausfeld MD, MBA, is the Chairman of the Board of the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs, who moderated a panel for Pismo Venture’s first Life science Symposium. This panel details how you can position your start-ups for success with panelists from the community. Panelists include: Errol Arkilic, PhD is a nationally recognized leader in technology… Read more »

Why Physicians Are Embracing Entrepreneurship (And How You Can Get Involved)

By Lena Canon Why are physicians getting into entrepreneurship? There are generally multiple factors that influence why physicians start a business. Wesley Greenblatt, a physician and part-time instructor at Harvard Medical School, states that culture, professional values, peer influence, and market opportunities are the main factors that affect physicians’ interest in entrepreneurship. And of all these motivators,… Read more »

SoPE represented at 2018 Capital Health Tech Summit

SoPE Chairman and co-founder, Dr. Jeffrey Hausfeld M.D., M.B.A., F.A.C.S, participated in the 2018 Capital Health Tech Summit presented by the Northern Virginia Technology Council. The Capital Health Tech Summit showcased the unique intersection of commercial, government and academic assets that make Greater Washington the epicenter for innovation and opportunity in the health technology sector.  Dr. Hausfeld moderated the panel… Read more »

At The Crossroads of Innovation and Commercialization Dr. Jeffrey Hausfeld Shapes the Healthcare and Life Sciences Landscape

SoPE Chairman and co-founder, Dr. Jeffrey Hausfeld M.D., M.B.A., F.A.C.S, partnered with and attended the 15th Annual World Health Care Congress in Washington D.C. He co–moderated the inaugural Health Care Innovation & Investments Track.  Click here for complete press release. Watch Dr. Hausfeld discuss the role of the physician entrepreneur in today’s medical society in his interview with Mabel… Read more »

Speeding up Generic Drug Approvals to Lower Prices

The FDA is fast-tracking the application process for generics to help bring down the cost of prescription drugs. But experts say it’s not enough. Click Here to Read More tramadol