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How to curate physician entrepreneurs at scale

Now that COIVD has magnified the already yawning gaps and inequities in US Sickcare, Inc, we are facing the challenge of creating physician entrepreneurs at scale. The Maginot line we created is no match for the blitzkreig. We can’t find and train the numbers and kinds of the troops we need by drafting them. Our… Read more »

The doctor persona 2025

Seeing around corners is always hard. However, to go to where the puck will be is a useful step when planning strategy and tactics to meet the needs of customers segments. Here are some ways to help build your parabolic mirror view of what’s next. If you have a product or service and are planning not… Read more »

We need to teach health professionals data literacy and digital dexterity

Sick care has turned into a data industry that happens to take care of patients. There is data, data everywhere. More students are interested in writing the book. Unfortunately, few know how to read it or apply it. There is probably no more important time to understand these landmines of data literacy than during a pandemic. EIT Health, in partnership… Read more »

Are doctors wasting their time on entrepreneurship?

Medical students, residents and practitioners around the world are getting more and more interested in entrepreneurship for many reasons. With that, some are questioning the wisdom of doctors bothering themselves with “the business of medicine” , innovation and entrepreneurship given how difficult it is for most doctors to maintain state of the art medical skills, cope with… Read more »

What are your roles, holes and goals?

If and when you decide to start your own company or work with a client, you will have to have a plan to evolve as a leaderpreneur i.e. someone who know how to lead innovators. Doing so will require that you periodically assess your personal and oganzational roles, holes and goals to see if you are still… Read more »

Sickcare is a Culture of Conformity versus a Culture of Creativity

Sickcare is a culture of conformity and competition. Premeds know it. Medical students and residents learn it. But, once they graduate, they are told they will be paid for value. Unfortunately, few will teach them how to do it and reconcile the culture of conformity and competition with an innovative culture of creativity, collaboration and… Read more »

The physician entrepreneur’s gig guide

If you are a physician looking for an alternative or supplementary job or career as someone who contributes to getting ideas to patients in a non-clinical role, then what got you to where you are now won’t get you to where you want to go. Finding the right date a doc platform is hard. Here are some… Read more »

Why Physicians Are Embracing Entrepreneurship (And How You Can Get Involved)

By Lena Canon Why are physicians getting into entrepreneurship? There are generally multiple factors that influence why physicians start a business. Wesley Greenblatt, a physician and part-time instructor at Harvard Medical School, states that culture, professional values, peer influence, and market opportunities are the main factors that affect physicians’ interest in entrepreneurship. And of all these motivators,… Read more »

MD/MBA: Reasons Why I Got a Dual Degree

By Sanjana Vig MD, MBA I made the decision to pursue a dual degree, an MD/MBA, when I was still in high school. I had an interest in medicine but I hated the idea of being yet another Indian doctor. How unoriginal. So when my dad introduced me to someone who had done this dual… Read more »

Lead innovators, don’t manage innovation

Arlen Meyers, MD, MBA Chief Innovation Officers are growing like weeds. Some think their job is to manage innovation. Some even go so far as to define their desirable traits. You can tell the CHINOs (Chief Healthcare Innovation Officer) in your office by the chinos and polo shirts they wear. But, just because they wear the same… Read more »