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Our Chapter Leader, Dr. Lance M. Black is dedicated to empowering the local medical device culture through networking, education, and building sound relationships. Atlanta is primed for growth in the medical device sector particularly for fledgling businesses. The ecosystem is strengthening with a strong group of people committed to seeing it succeed. A local SoPE chapter will certainly find its place amongst this excitement and serve a key role in bringing together the people needed to launch Atlanta into a medical device industry leader.

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Five Top Reasons You Should Attend Atlanta SoPE Chapter events

  • 1. Learn by Example & perfect your own!
  • 2. Understand what seasoned investors expect in real life terms
  • 3. Networking with like-minded professionals
  • 4. Create your own Due Diligence process
  • 5. Be Part of It!

Lance M. Black, MD, MBID

Chapter Leader

Dr. Black is a family medicine physician who served seven years in the U.S. Air Force as a family and flight medicine clinician now operating as the Manager of Medical Affairs at the Global Center for Medical Innovation (GCMI) in Atlanta, GA. His undergraduate degree in biological engineering and experience in the military inspired him to pursue medical device design upon completion of his commitment to the Air Force. Dr. Black brings a unique perspective to the medical device industry, having experienced firsthand design-related problems as a physician supplemented by a unique educational background. Dr. Black recently completed a Masters in Biomedical Innovation and Development at Georgia Tech, as well as a preliminary year in the Masters of Industrial Design program there.

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