SoPE Los Angeles serves the greater LA metro area as an integral component of the region’s unique healthcare ecosystem. The LA area is home to both top tier academic medical centers, such as UCLA, USC, Cedars-Sinai, City of Hope and first-in-class engineering institutions such as Caltech and the Alfred Mann Institute. Anchoring this ecosystem are leading healthcare technology companies such as Amgen, Boston Scientific Neuromodulation and Medtronic Diabetes.

The health and wellness focused culture of Los Angeles makes it ideal for the commercialization of technologies in the nutrition, alternative medicine, exercise, and aesthetic spaces. In addition, access to talent from LA’s most famous industry, media and entertainment, has led to “Silicon Beach”, with over 200 digital health startups seeking to revolutionize the delivery of healthcare.

Our chapter’s mission is to enable healthcare entrepreneurs to access the knowledge and tools that they need to commercialize the medical breakthroughs of the future. We do this through holding events that provide pragmatic, real-world advice and learning, the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals, and access to industry veterans who can provide mentorship and guidance.

Membership is open to both medical professionals and all other healthcare stakeholders. Members include doctors, nurses, dentists, healthcare entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, IT professionals, and industry representatives. We strive to hold 6 -8 meetings per year at various locations in the LA area, please join us at our next event!
Dr. Alan Young

Chapter Leader

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Five Top Reasons You Should Attend Los Angeles SoPE Chapter events

  1. Learn by Example & perfect your own!
  2. Understand what seasoned investors expect in real life terms
  3. Networking with like-minded professionals
  4. Create your own Due Diligence process
  5. Be Part of It!