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The SoPE New Mexico Chapter is the regional chapter for the non-profit global biomedical and healthcare innovation network SoPE. Membership is open to medical professionals and other stakeholders in healthcare. Members include doctors, nurses, dentists, healthcare entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, IT professionals, and industry representatives. SoPE is here to provide the network to encourage, educate, and connect biomedical and healthcare entrepreneurs so that new ideas get a chance---The Society operates in the very early stages of innovation commercialization; encouraging physicians and other medical professional entrepreneurs with ideas about how to improve healthcare to explore the possibilities and empowering them should they decide to take those initial steps in the “go to market” process. SoPE is unique in its make-up, leadership and mission – The Society is the only known organization founded and led by physicians with the specific purpose of providing support to those physicians and other medical professionals on the front lines of delivering healthcare that need help in bringing their ideas, inventions and innovations for improving healthcare to life.

Dr. Donn Duncan

Chapter Leader

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Five Top Reasons You Should Attend New Mexico SoPE Chapter events

  • 1. Learn by Example & perfect your own!
  • 2. Understand what seasoned investors expect in real life terms
  • 3. Networking with like-minded professionals
  • 4. Create your own Due Diligence process
  • 5. Be Part of It!

Donn Duncan, MD

Chapter Leader

Dr. Donn Duncan, an international authority on patient classification systems and the computer-based patient record, is active in health care policy formulation and implementation. He has been a consultant to enterprises, state agencies, and national governments including the U.S., and several Asia-Pacific and European countries. Dr. Duncan was Chairman of Health Systems International, the company whose founders at Yale were instrumental in the creation and maintenance of DRGs, the program for measuring quality and reimbursing hospitals for their patient care. He has been involved in the development of severity adjustment patient systems and was an advisor to CMS for the ambulatory patient classification systems (APGs/APCs). He received his specialty medical training at The Johns Hopkins Hospital and holds board certification as a head and neck surgeon. He has served as a hospital chief of staff and an advisory board and board of trustees member and on the board of the Computer-Based Patient Record Institute. Dr. Duncan has made numerous keynote speeches and presentations to health care and other organizations. Presentations have included speaking at the, American College of Physician Executives, American Healthcare Information Management Association, Healthcare Financial Management Association, Young Presidents Organization, The Santa Fe Institute, Presidents Healthcare Panel on Cancer (The National Institutes of Health), Federal HC Acquisition Conference, and The Congressional Medical Technology Forum among others. His topics have included: “The Future of Healthcare Information Technologies”, “Disease Management”, “Managing the Enterprise”, “Data-How to Survive the Future”, “Our Patients Are Different”, “The Computer-Based Patient Record”, “From Measuring Outcomes to Managing the Process of Care”, and “Where Are We-Why Are We Here?” “Patient Safety-Don’t Just Monitor-Prevent!” He has published widely on case mix, medical quality assurance, and topics germane to his medical practice. His article “Surviving the New Outpatient Reimbursement System”, appeared in The Journal of Healthcare Financial Management. He has recently spoken on issues related to the Accountable Care Act, “Obamacare” and the concept of Accountable Care Organizations. His military service includes serving as a physician in the 82nd Airborne paratrooper unit and as the surgeon for the Green Berets, 10th Special Forces, with missions to several countries, including Iran and Saudia Arabia. Dr. Duncan resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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