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The SoPE Raleigh Durham North Carolina Chapter is dedicated to advancing healthcare innovation. By linking clinicians, entrepreneurs, technologists, investors, corporate executives and policymakers, we help match business and scientific creativity with clinical understanding of health needs. We recognize that the driver for product innovation in developing and implementing best healthcare practices requires the informed guidance and support of physicians exposed daily to clinical problems in need of creative solutions. Via workshops, trainings, and collaborative forums of all sorts, we promote the knowledge-base and partnerships that make for a vibrant and relevant healthcare innovation ecosystem. We aim to facilitate fresh approaches to NC’s unique healthcare challenges, as well as empower the rich diversity of health care sectors in this state to be translated into goal-directed projects, products and services. Through a highly collaborative approach, we help stakeholders conceive and adopt novel strategies for meeting national and global health needs by leveraging NC’s world-renown health innovation sector.

We invite professionals interested in healthcare innovation from a wide range of fields to participate in NC SoPE events, contribute their expertise to healthcare innovation and join us as members. Clinicians, healthcare administrators, research scientists and engineers, entrepreneurs, investors, lawyers, public health workers, insurers, government officials, patient advocates, and business leaders are all important players in our healthcare innovation ecosystem. By serving a membership that crosses these fields we aim to foster the creative potential that can be realized through improved and expanded collaboration and coordination across sectors and professions. In particular, we strive to improve knowledge-sharing and collaboration among entrepreneurs across the diagnostic, therapeutic, biotech, health informatics, medical device, healthcare services and wellness sectors.

Dr. Gabi Hanna

Chapter Leader

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Five Top Reasons You Should Attend North Carolina SoPE Chapter events

  • 1. Learn by Example & perfect your own!
  • 2. Understand what seasoned investors expect in real life terms
  • 3. Networking with like-minded professionals
  • 4. Create your own Due Diligence process
  • 5. Be Part of It!

Gabi Hanna, MD

Chapter Leader

Dr. Hanna is an Associate Director at the Duke Cancer Institute, surgical and imaging facility which leads translation medicine and drug development to clinical work, foster innovations design and conduct preclinical researches translational to clinic and patient care. Collaborate and work with Biotech and pharmaceutical industry to conduct preclinical and translation research at Duke, including:- Clinical trial, GLP good laboratory practice, IND new drugs development, IDE, and medical device development , novel imaging methods. Dr. Hanna worked with GlaxoSmithKline pharmaceutical on antiangiogenic therapy project. He led the multidisciplinary team at Duke to develop new treatment protocol based the tumor oxygenation after evaluation the different antiangiogenic therapies on cancer prognosis, microenvironment, vascular, drug delivery. Dr. Hanna is also a leading of North Carolina Society of Physician Entrepreneurs. As serial entrepreneurs, and advisor for several companies Dr. Hanna took the role to be NC SoPE to advancing healthcare innovation. By linking clinicians, entrepreneurs, technologists, investors, VC/ PE, universities, industries and policymakers with creative business strategy to create next generation of technology to get to the new area of medical practice. Dr. Hanna graduated medical school from Aleppo, surgical internship acting at University of Texas Medical Branch and his Radiation Oncology postdoctoral fellowship at Duke University.

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