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The SoPE Turkey Chapter is located in one of the most visited places on earth, the financial headquarter of Istanbul where there is a renaissance of healthcare and biotech entrepreneurship. You do not need to be a local to join our chapter, as we reach entrepreneurs nationally in Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Digital Health, and Biosciences. We welcome all those who are involved in the healthcare space.

Health Care entrepreneurship is strong and well for those who are interested in investing their time and energy in the development of a much needed healthcare product or service in Turkey. Whether you are looking to start your career through entrepreneurship or turn your passion into a second career, we have group expertise that can help you unlock the unique talent that is within you.

Join us! We meet at quarterly dinners where brilliant innovations and ideas are presented.

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Five Top Reasons You Should Attend Turkey SoPE Chapter events

  1. Learn by Example & perfect your own!
  2. Understand what seasoned investors expect in real life terms
  3. Networking with like-minded professionals
  4. Create your own Due Diligence process
  5. Be Part of It!