Thurs 18 April 2017

Jeffery Hausfeld, MD,

Founder Society of Physician Entrepreneurs (SOPE)

Washington, DC

Dr. Hausfeld:

Our entrepreneurial business, FutureLife.US, has enormous potential to help people troubled by trauma, including PTSD victims, victims of urban trauma and others with a range of emotional and psychological issues.

It was great seeing you again last week, April 5th, the first time since we saw you last June 2016. We are myself, John Kilmer, CEO, and Dr. William “Bill” D’alelio, our Chief Medical Officer, the two of us co-founders of FutureLife.US.

I want to express my deepest thanks to you, Sir, for not only your presence in SOPE, but for your leadership in the creation of it, which has added infinite value to our enterprise.

I want to tell you what has happened in the past 10 months since our last encounter June 2016. At that time we had been invited to present at SOPE event in Rockville. I was excited for this opportunity that was given by you to us – Future Life.US.

That day was amazing day because of a few reasons. One, the work and preparation we had put into the Pitchdeck for our presentation we were going to give. Two, the feeling this was a great moment for Future Life to show a little about us to a very diverse and educated group of scholars. And third, Sam Waltz meeting Dr. William d’Alelio(Bill) at the SOPE event.

Little did I realize at that time, Mr. Sam Waltz and that SOPE event would change the course of Future Life. So now you know this part. And how SOPE brought all of us together.

Though we still do not fully understand the true impact the June 2016 SOPE Event had. I am going to tell you that part now. Bill had advised me he had met Sam at this SOPE event. He also advised me to speak to him about a great opportunity to do business together. So I called him. We spoke and we connected. Quickly. We made tremendous progress in a short period of time, like 2 or 3 months.

Though, I got distracted by another opportunity. Which in the end was misleading and misguiding opportunity for that time. But life is filled with learning curves. We hit a dead end with that opportunity.

It was January by this time. So much time had passed. Again, Bill mentioned Sam. So I made contact with Sam. It took some time. The guy is super busy and still fast on his legs. But we managed to make contact and talk. Though a lot had changed and improved with Future Life.

Sam Waltz had noticed this. We were ahead. But we still were missing some very important things. Financial projections and a budget that people could read and understand, as well as a “larger sense” of how to present to people – prospective investors, centers of influence,strategic partners and allies, even customers and trade associations and professional societies– just how we defined the problem, as well as the solution we’d been building.

Sam Waltz brought the answers to that to the table, not as some “silver bullet,” but in collaboration with us, so that we actively participated and we felt comfortable “owning” what came from it. Boom. Next Step.

Now we were ready contact investors. We are really feeling “super comfortable” speaking to investors with the confidence and the understanding we are going to secure capital to develop Face2Face – A PTSD Emotional Intelligence Software Therapy Suit.

This is going to change the way we provide healthcare services in America and spearhead the future of Telehealth in this world.

Now, with all of this know. We hit the present moments.April 5th, 2017 SOPE Event. So much as happened since our last meet. So much! This Journey started at the SOPE event in Rockville, June 2016 and will continue. Things do not happen in one day. And they usually do not happen the second day either.

But with tremendous persistence….and SOPE, success and networking is just around thecorner. We thank you for being there, with SOPE, and in bringing to the table the kinds of strategic partners like Sam who can help us take the ingredients were creating and build a business around them which we know now will be able to attract the capital to meet significant social and healthcare needs. Sincerely, John Kilmer Founder & CEO Future Life.US