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SoPE Members and Supporters,

I am pleased to bring you the re-launch of the SoPE Newsletter that Dr. Arlen Meyers began and managed for several years. The new SoPE Newsletter will be published quarterly and will have a new Guest Editor for each edition, first starting with the members of the Board of Directors of SoPE. We will then offer the opportunity for Chapter Leaders and Industry Luminaries to serve as Guest Editors of the Newsletter. Our hope is to allow our members to showcase the activities happening at the local level and to share your triumphs and challenges with like-minded professionals around the globe, in the expectation of accelerating your path to commercializing your innovation for patients.

When Drs. Arlen Meyers, Steven Levine, and I started this Society more than eight years ago, it was clear to us that physicians would not be the only members of the group. Yet because of our “end-user” status and our personal understanding of unmet needs in the marketplace, each Chapter of SoPE is led (or co-led) by a physician. But make no mistake about it, SoPE is a society promoting inclusiveness and we welcome and thrive on the diversity of professionals we have as members of this organization. It is through this coalition of innovators and entrepreneurs that we grow both personally and professionally, and create an ecosystem that can critically look at new ideas and help to nurture them from bench to bedside, through our connections, mentorship and resources. I have experienced this myself in my own journey of Biomedical, Biopharmaceutical and medical services entrepreneurship, and preach the value of the “Big SoPE Tent” to all those who will listen!

Recognizing that some of you want to keep your day jobs, but still come up with some brilliant ideas for our patients, SoPE has recently partnered with the Innovation Institute to form a process by which you can submit your ideas to a SoPE review team, which then goes on to the staff at the Innovation Institute if deemed potentially successful from a commercial standpoint. If the Innovation Institute accepts your idea, they will finance the project, take it through the regulatory process, and partner it with industry firms for distribution…leaving you with a healthy portion of the revenue stream! Here is a link to a webinar that we created in order to explain the procedure in greater detail.

Thanks to each of you for your contributions, your sponsorship of our meetings, and your dedication to bringing new healthcare innovations to life.

Here’s to your entrepreneurship and success, and to always envisioning a world where failure is not an option!

All the best.
Jeff Hausfeld

Latest News

  • SoPE Chapter Meeting Idea: Host a Student Pitch Contest

    Why do it?

    Our Utah Chapter held this event for a few different reasons. This was a great way to publicize our Chapter. We were also able to let different shareholders in the health innovation ecosystem how SoPE could help them. We were also able to promote education, connect with local Health Tech gurus and physicians who were mentoring students. We are young Chapter, but this has been our most well-attended meeting.

    Choose a date:

    The main goal in choosing the date is to set up an event that works well with the current schedule for student pitches. You may choose to wait until all of the regional pitch events have taken place and invite teams focused on health technology. Or you may choose to set up the event as a way to help students prepare for their competitions.
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  • Leveraging Social Media for Healthcare Innovation

    The Boring Company is an infrastructure and tunneling company founded by Elon Musk in late 2016. With this new company, founder of Tesla, SpaceX, and Paypal, Elon Musk proposes the building of a network of tunnels many levels deep that would alleviate traffic, be weatherproof, and enable travel from Washington DC to New York in 30 minutes or less. In theory, it is a more practical mode of transportation than the flying cars that may have inhabited our imaginations at some point in time. Although we may aspire to be as innovative as Elon, “Boring” is not a title that many of us would be proud to assign to our businesses.

    Without a proper marketing strategy, startups in healthcare and life sciences are bound to live up to this title, losing out on profits and falling by the wayside in this entrepreneurial ecosystem. So how many of us are actually competing for this title in 2017, and how can we avoid winning?
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  • Don’t Launch Your New Brand Until You Read This!

    Congratulations! You have discovered your next business idea that will change the world! In addition to starting your business operations now there are logos and taglines and websites, and social media marketing to consider. You have all your ducks in a row…or at least, you think you do.

    It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of creating something new and to forget that becoming a brand requires a lot more than a great logo, tagline, and website. All that shiny stuff is just window-dressing. The research, positioning, and messaging are the real nuts and bolts behind a brand strategy.
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  • Cyber: A Healthcare Must Have

    There are a lot of valid reasons not to invest in a cyber security capability — for example, it is completely foreign to core expertise, the return on investment does not seem to justify the expense, attracting high quality talent is difficult and retention is almost impossible, and no matter what you do the defenses you deploy on your network will ultimately not be viable in the long run as attackers become more sophisticated.

    On the other hand, a step up in federal and industry regulations, increased consumer awareness, and dramatic losses of intellectual property threatening inherent company value is making it almost impossible for Executives and Board members to look the other way. This essay proposes some perspective on how to stand up a cost effective and profitable (yes,profitable) cyber capability to best match your enterprise needs and yet, balances the very credible concerns outlined above.
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  • SoPE Chapter Update!

    The Society of Physician Entrepreneurs (SoPE) is a global, non-profit, open biomedical and clinical innovation and entrepreneurship network. Our mission is to get ideas to patients by providing our interdisciplinary members with education, resources, networks, mentors and experiential learning primarily through our international network of chapters.

    SoPE chapters are led by physician entrepreneurs in collaboration with other partners in their areas. The goals of the chapter are to support the mission of SOPE, provide a local forum for education and networking and to recruit dues paying members ($75/yr) and chapter or SOPE corporate sponsors. Here is the Meetup site for the Colorado Chapter that will give you some idea about the structure and content of chapter meetings that are held monthly. Click here

  • Kilmer SOPE Letter

    Our entrepreneurial business, FutureLife.US, has enormous potential to help people troubled by trauma, including PTSD victims, victims of urban trauma and others with a range of emotional and psychological issues.

    It was great seeing you again last week, April 5th, the first time since we saw you last June 2016. We are myself, John Kilmer, CEO, and Dr. William “Bill” D’alelio, our Chief Medical Officer, the two of us co-founders of FutureLife.US. Click here

SoPE and The Innovation Lab Partnership - A Webinar to Explain Idea Submission Process

Following the recent successful launch of the The Innovation Institute and SoPE partnership, a webinar was held during the May SoPE Chapter Meeting to walk SoPE members step-by-step through the process of submitting an idea to the Innovation Lab for consideration. The full content of the webinar can be found on the SoPE website:

The Innovation Lab and SoPE partnership gives SoPE members the opportunity to work with Lab’s team of Ph.D.’s, M.D.’s, and tech transfer staff to commercialize and take their ideas to market. The Innovation Lab is part of the Innovation Institute, an independent, for-profit LLC owned by non-profit health systems for cultivating innovative solutions to transform healthcare delivery. This unique collaborative comprises over 23,000+ physicians and 170,000 healthcare workers from over 100+ hospitals and 500+ clinics, along with extensive industry business partners, to incubate and commercialize new medical products and ideas. See the Innovation Institute’s .

The Innovation Lab will help SoPE achieve our vision to empower physicians and other professionals to innovate ‘mind-to-market’ solutions, and connect similar forward-thinking individuals. Collaboration is key to success in healthcare innovation, and SoPE is excited for the potential that this relationship can offer to its registered members. For full details, please visit the SoPE – Innovation Lab webpages:

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