SoPE Chapter Update!

Arlen Meyers

Jeff Hausfeld

The Society of Physician Entrepreneurs (SoPE) is a global, non-profit, open biomedical and clinical innovation and entrepreneurship network. Our mission is to get ideas to patients by providing our interdisciplinary members with education, resources, networks, mentors and experiential learning primarily through our international network of chapters.

SoPE chapters are led by physician entrepreneurs in collaboration with other partners in their areas. The goals of the chapter are to support the mission of SOPE, provide a local forum for education and networking and to recruit dues paying members ($75/yr) and chapter or SOPE corporate sponsors. Here is the Meetup site for the Colorado Chapter that will give you some idea about the structure and content of chapter meetings that are held monthly.

The SoPE chapter coordinator is Dr. Jeff Hausfeld, based in Washington, DC . Rebecca Wiedemer is the SoPE communications coordinator who assists with chapter development and communications to members. 

“Identifying SoPE Chapter Leaders and nurturing them through the process of launching a SoPE Chapter in their region has been a very fulfilling experience for me since SoPE was conceived. SoPE Chapter leaders are physicians who are either looking to commercialize a product or have already done so, are hoping to expand beyond the confines of clinical practice, or are life-long learners in a position to mentor others on their journey toward commercialization of their innovations. We have 24 active SoPE Chapter throughout the globe with new Chapters starting in Australia, Hungary, Brazil, and various cities throughout the U.S. By establishing a local SoPE Chapter in your area you become an integral part in developing an entrepreneurial ecosystem of professionals dedicated to bringing new therapies and services to patients in need. We welcome you and your participation in SoPE and I look forward to personally hearing from any of you interested in starting a local SoPE Chapter in your area.” Jeff Hausfeld

Physician entrepreneurship is growing around the world. Consequently, to support that effort, we intend to develop chapters in every continent to help members get their ideas to patients. We hope you will become part of our community at