10 Reasons Doctors Should Ditch Voice Mail

Voice mail is so ‘90s. JP Morgan agrees and is eliminating voicemail for thousands of employees who do not take calls from customers, at a savings of $10 a month per person.

I guess doctors, pharmacists, and other sick-care workers and their employers didn’t get the message since almost every doctor’s or central scheduling number I call asks that you leave a message. Of course, they say your business is important to them and they will be sure to get back to you within 24 hours.

Imagine if sick-care eliminated voice mail:

1. You could text your prescription refill and have it delivered the same day.

2. You could communicate with more than one person in the care team at one time.

3. You would not be connected to a location.

4. You could take advantage of all those new communication tools that are free.

5. You could share information with surrogates and other caregivers on your patient team.

6. You could save money by not having voice mail.

7. You could stop being annoyed by politicians and other fundraisers who want your money and your vote.

8. You could save time and be more responsive.

9. You could include photos.

10. You could use those cute little emoticons in your message to improve the patient experience.

We should eliminate voice mail from the practice of medicine. It’s inefficient, annoying, inconvenient, and expensive and there are other more efficient tools available that are better, smarter, and cheaper.
Get the message?

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