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What doctor shortage?

The conventional wisdom seems to be that we will be facing a doctor shortage due to the 10,000 boomers turning 65 each day, disparities in geographic distribution and inappropriate specialist/generalist ratios. Add that to the bottle neck in graduate medical education funding and the pundits would have you believe you’ll need to go the black market… Read more »

The courage to innovate

Being an innovator takes courage, confidence and conviction. You are a guerrilla fighter waging war against the status quo, vested interests and corporate bureaucracy that have sophisticated defenses against intruders that seek to threaten their cash flow, culture and business models. You are fighting for the hearts and minds of patient customers ,payers, providers and non-users… Read more »

The problem with “list and leave”​inventors

The real estate industry has a term for a certain type of realtor behavior-list and leave. Maybe you have experienced it the last time you hired a realtor to sell your property. What happens is after signing a listing agreement, the realtor puts a big, attractive sign in your front lawn and lists your property… Read more »

The entrepreneurial v the clinical mindset

Innovation starts with the right mindset. For that reason, doctors with a clinical mindset have some characteristics that are entrepreneurial keys. However, there are many more entrepreneurial mindset traits they lack. So, if you are a sick care professional, like a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, dentist or allied health professional interested in entrepreneurship or a non-clinical career pivot, then… Read more »

How to find your innerpreneur

There are entrepreneurs and there are intrapreneurs, employees acting like entrepreneurs with in their organizations.. But few recognize that there are many innerpreneurs. The entomology of the entrepreneurial life cycle resembles an insect that goes from the egg to the larval to the pupal to the adult phase. If just takes fertilization for the process to… Read more »

Post-COVID physician entrepreneurship

COVID has changed the world, and, with it, the future of physician entrepreneurship. Previous assumptions are no longer valid. Each and every element of business models and the innovation pathway has shifted. Nevertheless, there is some good news: Entrepreneurs are fighters, optimistic and resilient. They will overcome this difficult period because this is in their… Read more »

How to speak to a narcissistic entrepreneur

Imagine you are at a cocktail party and, inevitably, at least in the US, one of the first questions will be, “So, what do you do?”  NB: Do not ask this as the first question when in Europe or Asia. The answer: “I’m a physician entrepreneur”. Now what? Consider it an exercise in cultural competence… Read more »

Advice on giving advice

One way to put a toe in the water of physician entrepreneurship is to become an advisor to a startup founder or client or simply someone who wants your opinion. However, being an advisor that creates value means you have to deliver the 7Ms. You will have to deliver the value that startup CEOs are looking… Read more »

Cabled not Disabled

COVID has been particularly cruel to segments of the population, including minorities, nursing home residents and the disabled. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread across the globe, young people with disabilities are facing unique challenges. The threat of contracting the virus has led to schools and businesses closing, citizens being told to stay home and… Read more »

How to Create Medical Student Entrepreneurs

Biomedical and clinical innovation and entrepreneurship has begun to take its rightful place along side anatomy, biochemistry and clinical medicine in medical school. The process has been slow, but we are seeing the evidence of medical student engagement and interest. Here are 10 ways to stimulate medical student interest and achievement in bioentrepreneurship: 1. Create bioentrepreneurship… Read more »