Weight Loss is Irrelevant!

 Find out why at www.drdietmedia.com. PrescriptFit Medical Nutrition Therapy treats nutrition-related disease in days and weeks, not 

months or years necessary for “weight loss”. Find out why “Weight Loss is Irrelevant” and how you can incorporate this treatment 
easily into any primary care practice. Obamacare mandates payment first dollar (no copay, no deductible) and 100 patients should generate 
at least 50K/year if implemented per guidelines. If you are not offering nutrition intervention, patients are missing the most vital component of care. 
Stanford A. Owen, MD
Stanford A. Owen, MD
Certified, American Board of Internal Medicine                                                            Certified, American Board of Physician Nutrition Specialists                                     Certified, NEI Master Psychopharmacologist                                                                   Fellow, Obesity Society