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What is physician entrepreneurship?

Victor Fuchs and Mark Cullen recently published an article in JAMA questioning the impact of health systems change on doctors and how the medical educational establishment should respond with curriculum reform that includes, among other things, health economics and population health.

Advice to a medical student entrepreneur

Dear Susan, Congratulations on your recent graduation. I’m sure you are thrilled to start medical school in August and are looking forward to taking a break this summer. Given your interest in building the company you started in college,however, you  might want to rethink that vacation in Europe.

Do Healthcare Innovation Centers Deliver?

The new thing in sick care administration is to create healthcare innovation centers, modeled somewhat after other industry R/D and skunkworks. Their goal, ostensibly, is to innovate our way out of the sick care and health care mess. They focus mostly on quality, cost and access to care and range in size, scope and vision.

10 Reasons Why Doctors Make Great Entrepreneurs

Conventional wisdom has it that “doctors are lousy businesspeople,” and they should just take care of patients and leave the business stuff to someone else. In my opinion, these beliefs are no longer sustainable if doctors are to thrive in the new US healthcare environment. As someone who works with physician entrepreneurs, I know that… Read more »

10 Reasons to Think Twice Before Throwing Away Your White Coat

Physician entrepreneurship is getting more traction for many reasons. The opportunities presented by changes are immense. The potential to do well by doing good is big. Some physicians are disenchanted with clinical medicine and are looking to use their talents elsewhere and the ability to start a business using Internet technologies has never been easier.

The 5-Minute Shower

If you live in California, suffering through its worst drought in history, you are probably trying to do your part by taking shorter showers. Gov. Jerry Brown says it should not last longer than 5 minutes. You will probably not stop watering your lawn or install low volume toilets, which are acutually much more effective… Read more »

Thinkers. Doers. Feelers

Doctors are supposed to do three basic things: think, do and feel. Thinking is the cognitive component of recall, interpretation, problem solving and analysis. Doing involves performing procedures. Feeling includes all those things that fall under the category of “bedside manner”. Everyone from those who occupy the corner office, to medical educators, to marketeers to… Read more »