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How to thrive in the Medapocalypse

Arlen Meyers, MD, MBA Sickcare spending continues to spiral out of control. Patients are becoming impatient voters. Hospitals are folding or consolidating and rural hospitals are disappearing. bringing the number of rural hospital closures up to 98 since 2010. Hundreds more are likely to follow. Currently, 46% of rural hospitals operate at a loss, compared to… Read more »

Lead innovators, don’t manage innovation

Arlen Meyers, MD, MBA Chief Innovation Officers are growing like weeds. Some think their job is to manage innovation. Some even go so far as to define their desirable traits. You can tell the CHINOs (Chief Healthcare Innovation Officer) in your office by the chinos and polo shirts they wear. But, just because they wear the same… Read more »

How to Quit

By Sudhen Desai, MD Quit  /kwit/ verb gerund or present participle: quitting     1. leave (a place), usually permanently.     “he was ordered to quit the cabin immediately”     synonyms:      leave, vacate, exit, depart from, withdraw from; abandon, desert Often, we are faced with the idea of “quitting”.   Beyond the dictionary definition above, quitting takes… Read more »

Featured Chapter: SoPE Houston

By Ann Tanabe, CEO BioHouston Houston is home to the largest medical center in the world and is quickly becoming the Third Coast for life sciences.  Here in Houston, the brightest minds in medicine have access to one of the highest densities of clinical facilities for patient care, basic science, and translational research.  BioHouston leads… Read more »

Chilling New Study Says Most College Educated Americans Fail At Basic Digital Literacy

By Prudy Gourguechon | Originally published on The third annual State of Critical Thinking Study released yesterday by MindEdge Learning, an educational technology consultancy, reveals that while most Americans believe critical thinking and digital literacy are important capacities in today’s workplace, a large majority flunk a test that assesses those same abilities. The implications for educators and… Read more »

The Titanic Effect

The Titanic Effect Successfully Navigating the Uncertainties that Sink Most Startups The Titanic Effect captures our decades of experience teaching and mentoring entrepreneurs, starting companies, and investing in startups. We have noted repeated patterns in mistakes that founders make early in the life of a venture that limit success. These patterns transcend life sciences, information… Read more »