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The 1099 Doc

Stay at home docs are growing. More physicians want work-liife balance, the relief from stress and generational differences are causing women and millenials to question the 7am-7pm work ethic. Both patients and providers are struggling with the new reality that will present some challenges:

EMR 3.0

In an article published Friday in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, the EHR-2020 Task Force, made up of 14 veterans of medical informatics, issued 10 recommendations in four key areas, with the goal of a person-centric, learning health system in the next five years.


I think doctors have linkedout. Others have offered reasons why. Some disagree claiming that 1M doctors and nurses are on Linkedin. While that may be true, as the owner of a group that is approaching 20,000 members, I’ve observed:

The Executive Summary: A Cliff’s Notes of Your Business

One of my favorite Saturday Night Live sketches was Father Guido Sarducci’s Five Minute University. The idea was that a 16 week college course could be reduced to one thought in five minutes, like economics is basically the law of supply and demand. To pass the test all you had to do was attend the right class… Read more »

Caution: Doctor Funded Startup

One strategy some biomedical and health entrepreneurs use to raise money and do customer discovery is to follow a doctor funded startup strategy. If you are JayMcGraw and your father is Dr. Phil, that might work. But, if you think just getting in front of a bunch of docs who will be thrilled to give… Read more »

Breakfast. Not Data

We owe a lot to K-12 teachers. They, like others who work in mission critical industries, like sick care, have to deal with many issues to help their students. In fact,according to a recent survey,the greatest barriers to school success for K-12 students have little to do with anything that goes on in the classroom,… Read more »

What relationship?

The doctor-patient relationship is under attack and, in many ways, has surrendered to an onslaught of technology, new business models and changing rules, regulations and reimbursement.

Winning the Revolution

The sick care revolution has started. Battle lines are drawn. Forces are gathering. Militias are recruiting foot soldiers. But, like all revolutions, the attack on the perceived injustices of US Sickcare, Inc, could fade with a whimper or create real change for the better. According to one author, the result will depend on four things.

Burned out? So sue me.

Medical resident burn out has reached epidemic levels. Of course, in the land of crisis, this is not the first we’ve heard of this. We would prefer to stick our heads in the sand, but this pesky little problem just won’t go away. You might not care. But, if you are a patient or someone… Read more »

Why Did Your Product Fail?

The vast majority of new product launches fail. That is particularly the case with biomedical and health products. The fundamental reason why is that the dog won’t eat the food. But, what are the usual reasons? It comes down to a poor product-market match, poor execution, or a flawed business model.