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Post-COVID physician entrepreneurship

COVID has changed the world, and, with it, the future of physician entrepreneurship. Previous assumptions are no longer valid. Each and every element of business models and the innovation pathway has shifted. Nevertheless, there is some good news: Entrepreneurs are fighters, optimistic and resilient. They will overcome this difficult period because this is in their… Read more »

How to speak to a narcissistic entrepreneur

Imagine you are at a cocktail party and, inevitably, at least in the US, one of the first questions will be, “So, what do you do?”  NB: Do not ask this as the first question when in Europe or Asia. The answer: “I’m a physician entrepreneur”. Now what? Consider it an exercise in cultural competence… Read more »

Advice on giving advice

One way to put a toe in the water of physician entrepreneurship is to become an advisor to a startup founder or client or simply someone who wants your opinion. However, being an advisor that creates value means you have to deliver the 7Ms. You will have to deliver the value that startup CEOs are looking… Read more »

Cabled not Disabled

COVID has been particularly cruel to segments of the population, including minorities, nursing home residents and the disabled. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread across the globe, young people with disabilities are facing unique challenges. The threat of contracting the virus has led to schools and businesses closing, citizens being told to stay home and… Read more »

How to Create Medical Student Entrepreneurs

Biomedical and clinical innovation and entrepreneurship has begun to take its rightful place along side anatomy, biochemistry and clinical medicine in medical school. The process has been slow, but we are seeing the evidence of medical student engagement and interest. Here are 10 ways to stimulate medical student interest and achievement in bioentrepreneurship: 1. Create bioentrepreneurship… Read more »

Battling Imposter Syndrome

By Sanjana Vig MD, MBA So, what is imposter syndrome? Imposter syndrome is this idea that we do not belong in our jobs, or that our successes are not a result of our abilities, but rather just luck. It’s a level of self doubt that has us believing that we are not good enough, that… Read more »

10 Lessons From My First Year As a Female Attending Physician

By Sanjana Vig MD, MBA Below is a list of some of the major topics that continually come up in conversations I have with fellow female attending physicians and friends.  While my experiences, and these lessons, are limited to the medical field, I think many of these issues affect women in all industries. (This post… Read more »

The Power of Networking

By Sanjana Vig MD, MBA I think networking is an underutilized method for growth. This is especially true in the medical field, but even generally speaking, when I talk with others, it comes to light that the idea of networking is sometimes a forgotten tool. I’ve been guilty of this as well. For instance, when… Read more »

The power of negative entrepreneurial thinking

Arlen Meyers, MD, MBA I don’t know about you, but I’m getting tired of all the entrepreneurial cheerleaders and hoopla. The message is that if you only have perseverance and grit, you can be successful. If you can just walk across some coals, the brass ring is almost in hand. You can achieve anything if you… Read more »

Creativity comes from an open mind, not an open space

Arlen Meyers, MD, MBA The newly elected members of Congress don’t have to worry about working in an open space office environment. Instead, they cross their fingers and hope they get an office with a view. Those who are not running for reelection or lame ducks sit in cubes until the new sesion starts. Likewise, most employed… Read more »