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Stop Making Money Dirty

We need a 21st century sick-care and disease-prevention workforce and we are seeing the evolution of how it will take shape. Advanced practice practitioners are in more demand than primary care doctors. Healthcare data scientists are growing and we need more doctors with an entrepreneurial mindset to create value through the deployment of innovation. –… Read more »

10 Reasons We Have Trust Issues in Medicine

Trust is a big issue these days. The US trusting Iran. Patients trusting doctors. Readers trusting the validity of scientific publications. Patients and doctors trusting telemedicine. Trusting other members of your team. The worst career mistake you can make is to put your faith in any employer, function, or industry. – See more at:

Operating Room Traffic Control

It’s likely that your last flight didn’t arrive on time, particularly if you flew United. Just wait until you book your surgery. – See more at:

Strategic Account Management Is Not Selling

Back in the day, there were pharma and device detail men and women who would ply their wares with generous helpings of Chinese food, pens, and other giveaways. The gatekeeper was the business or front desk manager and all it really took was the right menu to get access to the private practice doctor. – See… Read more »

The 10/20/30 Plan

Doctors, soldiers and entrepreneurs seem to have a warrior mentality that  has a common thread-it encourages them to suck up and repress feelings of anxiety, inadequacy, or depression, to “fake it till you make it” or to hide things for fear of retribution or adverse consequences. 

Too Soft on the Soft Skills?

Business schools and other professional schools are getting the message that employers want graduates with not just technical skills, but the soft skills as well. The term “soft” is unfortunate since it seems to imply that they are not as valuable as knowing how to read a balance sheet, build things, or sell products on… Read more »

A 10-Point Checklist to Ensure Basic Research Is Impactful

The US House of Representatives approved the 21st Century Cures Act by a wide 344-77 margin. In one part of the bill, for the next 5 years, National Institutes of Health would get $1.75 billion and FDA $110 million annually to address “major challenges” in biomedical research that could potentially lead to important breakthroughs. The bill’s authors say the… Read more »

Commentaries on Physician Digipreneurship

Some have suggested that they would like a compendium of comments, blogs and posts on physician digipreneurship. Instead of writing a textbook or buying into a bankrupt publishing model, instead, I thought I’d just list 10 of them here.

Just be a physician entrepreneur

Caveat Digemptor: Where Would You Invest in Digital Health?

Digital health technologies, those that apply information and communications technologies to improve care outcomes, reduce per capita costs and improve the patient experience, continue to hit the market with breakneck speed. Investors like the space, putting $3-5 billion so far this year to work in the sector, which is almost double the investment amount compared… Read more »