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10 Tips to Beat the Odds as an Entrepreneur

It is NBA playoff season. For a senior in high school, the odds of even getting into the NBA, let alone making it to a playoff game, are .03%.– See more at:

The Rise of the Technomedia-Industrial Complex

A recent post claims the fall of Theranos is the result an out of control technomedia-investor-industrial complex and predicts we’re poised to see more such takedowns in the future. The digital health industry should pay attention. As more and more apps and products with less and less clinical utility fill the App Store, a lot of people, most… Read more »

Truth Be TOLD About Success

Robert H. Frank is a Cornell economist who was one of the 2% of patients who survived an episode of sudden cardiac death. He attributes it to dumb luck, given that an ambulance happened to be only a few minutes from where he suffered his attack. So, you can understand why he would write a… Read more »

‘Dumbbell’ Virtual Team Management

Graduate students and health professionals enrolled in our course in bioentrepreneurship at the Jabs Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Colorado are required to break up into project teams the first week of class. The group project team assignment is to pick a biomedical or clinical innovation opportunity, and on the last day of class, give… Read more »

Changing Minds to Mindsets

Fostering biomedical and clinical innovation will mean creating entrepreneurial universities with academic entities, like medical schools, that have entrepreneurial faculty that graduate all students with an entrepreneurial mindset. – See more at:

10 Summer Jobs for Medical Students

Now that summer is upon us, most first-year med students will be taking a breath and sitting in piazzas in Italy or on the beaches in Thailand. – See more at:

What to Do When You Don’t Play Nice With Others

Everyone seems to think that the keys to the kingdom belong to those who play nice together. Team-building, virtual teams, and being a team player are what employers want and co-workers seek. Here are some tips on how to deal with Tommy Temper. – See more at:

Pick Up the Damn Phone

In this day and age of expected hyper-productivity, some think accepting unsolicited calls are a waste of precious time. The argument goes it is hard to make good decisions on the spur of the moment and it interrupts your “flow.”I disagree. Here’s why:– See more at:

10 Things to Do When You Have a Solution Looking for a Problem

I work with a lot of scientists, engineers, and health professionals who have good ideas, discoveries, or inventions. Unfortunately, most of them are a solution looking for a problem.  It is understandable, given the nature of the scientific and biomedical culture that most biomedical scientists and clinicians are problem solvers, not problem seekers. Academic medical… Read more »

Why Reading Should Be One of Your Entrepreneurial Habits

Reading more should be one of your entrepreneurial habits. Tom Peters agrees and those like him will no doubt suggest your summer reading list, be it fiction or non-fiction. – See more at: