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First, Learn the Anatomy and Physiology of Your Innovation Ecosystem

Innovation ecosystems have elements that are arranged and connected to achieve innovation and user-defined value. The innovation ecosystem comprises two distinct, but largely separated, economies: the knowledge economy, which is driven by fundamental research; and the commercial economy, which is driven by the marketplace. – See more at:

Pitfalls of Undergraduate Health Innovation Education

The sick care and disease prevention innovation bug is spreading, and is now infecting college campuses and pre-professional schools. Examples include those that have launched undergraduate innovation and entrepreneurship centers, degrees in health and wellness innovation, and student-led groups, like one at Georgetown. While this is encouraging and higher education administrators, students, and faculty champions should be applauded, they… Read more »

University Technology Licensing Offices: Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em?

A recent article in Forbes described why a promising academic doctor at Stanford left to start his own company. This is not, by any means, the first time we have heard about doctors or doctors-to-be leaving clinical medicine for “all-in” entrepreneurship, nor the first time we’ve heard debated whether that is a good idea or… Read more »

Physician Income Disparity: Good or Bad?

If you visit Amsterdam, you will notice 16th and 17th century grand houses on prime real estate lining the canals, built by wealthy merchants of old. Each has a grand bay window without curtains that affords passers by a view of the exquisite rooms and furnishings. They were built that way so the commoners could… Read more »

What to Do With the Doctor Cash Cow?

A recent report from Merritt Hawkins indicated that the average employed physician generates over $1.5 million for his or her employer. Also, while there is a lot of noise about value-based and bundled payment, the reality in the examining room is that “the healthcare environment remains solidly rooted in fee-for-service and other forms of volume-based reimbursement. According to… Read more »

10 Stupid Health Habits

We all know people who have a terrible diet, are overweight, and smoke, and yet live to be 100. On the other hand, we also know people who spend most of their time in Spandex or Yoga pants, spend 30 minutes in the probiotic aisle figuring out which yogurt to buy, and die of a… Read more »

The New Rosetta Stone for Translational Research

When scientists and clinical investigators talk about translational research, it seems things get lost in translation. Here’s what one group posited:– See more at:

Single-Payer Cocktail Party Talking Points

With the surprisingly strong showing of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, it’s no longer Miller Time, it’s Single Payer Time. Moving faster than a cute puppy video on YouTube, people will be chewing on Sanders’ popularization of the single-payer concept for many, many months.– See more at:

Welcome to the Cooked But Not Done Club

Welcome to the Cooked But Not Done Club.  As one of thousands of doctors who have burned out but certainly are not finished, we welcome you the CBND Club. We congratulate you having the guts to give up the Warrior Mentality of Medicine and move on to your next life and career adventure. We know… Read more »

Military Medicine Comes Home

In the wake of the Orlando shootings, many are calling for closer ties between military medicine and civilian casualty medicine. – See more at: