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Situational engagement

Blanchard and Hersey have described a situational leadership model whereby leaders, based on the circumstances of someone being willing and able to do a job, use one of four leadership styles, hopefully evolving from telling (giving instructions), selling (explaining decisions), participating (sharing ideas) to delegating (turning over decisions) Medical educators are very familiar with the… Read more »

What is your NPVI this morning?

Suppose you are the attending making innovation rounds on your assigned company, product or service this morning. Surrounded by trainees in fleece vests and iPhones, you approach the bedside and ask, “So, what is the patient’s NPVI this morning? The fresh faced senior resident responds, “Steady at 1 %, Dr. Meyers” This is not a good… Read more »

Slicing and Dicing Doctors

Customer segmentation is about grouping user motivations and behaviors, marketing preferences and adoption patterns for a given product or service. Hospitals, entrepreneurs, biopharma, and medtech, for example, are all trying to figure out what makes their target customer segments tick to get maximal impact from their sales, marketing, information, educational and engagement strategies and tactics…. Read more »

The Empathy Business is Growing Quickly

Empathy is the ability to share and understand the feelings of another person. In other words, as compared to sympathy, or feeling sorrow or pity for someone, it means putting yourself in their shoes. – See more at:

How To Find a Digital Health Software Engineer

Doctors have a lot of good ideas. Unfortunately, most don’t know what to do with them nor do they know where to go to find help. The problem is further complicated by the fact that, when it comes to defining software and hardware specifications and end user requirements, doctors are from Venus and software engineers… Read more »

How to Overcome Your Inner Grump

Grumpy doctors are harmful for many reasons, not the least of which is that their negativity interferes with their decision making and leads to poor patient outcomes. – See more at:

Sometimes, Innovation is an Orphan

Quick: who said “Innovation is the mother of invention”?a. Donald Trumpb. Karl Marxc. Platod. Steve Jobs(We’ll get to back to that.) – See more at:

How To Tell You Are Getting Close

Most change efforts fail. The corporate immune system squelches most intrapreneurial innovation efforts. Many whistleblowers pay a very high price and suffer horrible consequences. Knowing whether, when, and how to tell the truth to authority is a delicate art that no one teaches you. Should you really ask for forgiveness and not permission?  – See… Read more »

The MD/MBA Bubble

Like management MBAs and law degrees, the degrees have become commoditized and lack any real differentiation. Some argue the same holds true for medical degrees. There are other problems as well. – See more at: