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You Need a ‘PPD Plan’ for Personal and Professional Development

Medical professionals learn that the PPD is a skin test for tuberculosis. Medical entrepreneurs should learn that a different kind of PPD, a personal and professional development plan, can help test to see if you are vulnerable to personal and professional disappointment. – See more at:

10 Ways to Fill the MD-CIO Gap

According to a recent poll, these are the top 8 concerns for sick care CIOs: – See more at:

10 Ways to Defeat the Healthcare Status Quotidiens

There are several barriers to sick care innovation and there is no silver bullet. – See more at:

Why Digital Health and Electric Vehicles Face Similar Paths Forward

Electric vehicles are starting to get traction, not just on the roads and highways, but in the mind of the consumer as well. – See more at:

What if Private Equity Ran Medical Schools?

Thank you for responding to our solicitation for a new dean of our medical school. We are intrigued by your past experience and background in private equity. As you are well aware, things are changing quickly in sick care and the medical education establishment has been slow to adapt. We intend to shake things up… Read more »

Why Do Some Doctors Use More Resources Than Others?

It is well known that some doctors use more resources than others. Up to now, that was an interesting observation. Now, however, it has become a major challenge for ACOs and those participating in risk-based payment schemes. – See more at:

Tidying Up: 10 Ways to De-Clutter Your Career

Based on book sales, it seems more and more people are interested in tidying up. Getting rid of the junk and stuff in your house that is no longer interesting, useful or sentimental frees you in many ways. – See more at:

10 Things I’ve Learned About Mentoring

According to polls, most people have fewer than three close friends. Most entrepreneurs say they have had several vital mentors during their careers, but I’m not sure they are telling the truth or just blowing smoke. The numbers don’t add up. – See more at:

10 Strategies to Fix Ruralcare

Rural healthcare is in trouble and hospitals are closing at an alarming rate. I’m a city guy, but from what I can see, rural hospitals face many challenges and, in many instances, their closure threatens the very fabric of the communities they serve. Given the changes that have occurred in how we provide and pay for sick… Read more »

What Happens to Residents When the Physician Employment Bubble Pops?

Some are saying the employed physician bubble is about to pop. We’ve seen this movie before when hospitals bought practices and then had to divest them because the docs were not as productive as expected. Doctors get hired to generate an expected rate of return, just like every other investment. When the downstream lab and… Read more »