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The American Dream Is Turning Into a Sick Care Nightmare

In the three decades between surveys, pollsters have found that the share of young Americans overall who said the American Dream “is not really alive” grew sharply from 12% to 29%. Among white people, it nearly tripled from 10% to 29%. One in three white non-college graduates now say it is not alive, compared to one-fifth of white… Read more »

Welcome to Orientation Day

Once again, we welcome you to the medical staff of Exceptional Care Health, where, as you know, our standards are simply higher. By now you have received an orientation packet that includes: – See more at:

The Second Act Is Coming Earlier

In a recently published survey of primary care physicians, nearly half said they are considering early retirement because of healthcare trends. But, those in the trenches are not the only ones thinking about Plan B.  – See more at:

Innovative Universities Are Not Entrepreneurial Universities

According to Reuters, Stanford, MIT, and Harvard are the most innovative universities.  – See more at:

The Business of Teaching the Business of Medicine

Most medical students do not feel comfortable with the business of medicine. That is not surprising given that most medical schools do not teach it and residents do not have to demonstrate any competency in the business of medicine to graduate and get board certification. The reasons are many, including seeing “money as dirty,” a… Read more »

Would McSickcare Be So bad?

Commoditycare is coming to a clinic near you and many are wary of the McDonaldization of Sick Care. They claim that the four basic principles of operations management driving the underlying business model of McDonalds—efficiency, calculability, predictability and control—“often leads to adverse consequences and… the doctor-patient relationship will be threatened.” I disagree and think the opportunities to improve… Read more »

Entrepreneurs Create Value, Not Just Companies

There is a conventional wisdom that innovation=entrepreneurship=new venture creation. I believe this is misguided and stems from a disagreement around definitions and goals, particularly as it applies to physicians and Sick Care companies and organizations. Instead, biomedical and health entrepreneurship, in my view, means the pursuit of opportunity with scarce resources that has the goal… Read more »

Sick Care Tech Support, How May I Help You?

Patients move along a hierarchy of involvement with the Sick Care system. Unfortunately, when they get to the fulfillment stage, they have a hard time finding “tech support.” – See more at:

Can Your Patients Make an APPointment?

Mobile apps are now a part of everyday life and commerce. Unfortunately, like many business processes, medical practice mobile apps are few and far between and often ineffective. Here are some things to consider when building and deploying a medical practice mobile medical app: – See more at:

Why Doctors Have Lost the Public Trust

Today, public confidence in the US healthcare system is low, with only 23% expressing “a great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in the system (Gallup 2014). The US is tied for 24th place in terms of the proportion of adults who agree with the statement, “All things considered, doctors in [your country] can be… Read more »