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How to Bootstrap You Idea

The process of biomedical and health entrepreneurship involves the pursuit of opportunity with scarce resources with the goal of creating customer-defined value through biomedical and health innovation. It does not necessarily mean creating a company, which is but one way to create and deliver value. Other ways include licensing or selling intellectual property, an “intrapreneur”… Read more »

How to Find a Doctor Digital Health Job

Digital health physician entrepreneurs, serving either as cofounders, advisors, or members of the management team, are scarce. There are many reasons why, but the end result is failed or clinically ineffective digital health products and services.  РSee more at:

Patients Fear Physician Exploiters, Not Physician Innovators

Outrageous pharmaceutical prices, driven by the most recent Epi-pen sticker-shock dustup, are, once again, front page news. This almost diurnal ritual has risen to the level of the presidential stump and some in the pharmaceutical industry have outlined the drivers and some possible solutions. – See more at:

How Are You Rewarding Doctors For Innovating?

Physician employment contracts include many things. But, few actually say anything about how doctor employees would be rewarded for innovating.  That is unfortunate, since to sustain an innovation focus in a business, organizations must change their evaluation and compensation structures. Few, if any, organizations have well-defined criteria to evaluate work associated with innovation. – See more at:

Stop Giving Doctors Homework

A Texas teacher has stopped assigning her students homework. “Research has been unable to prove that homework improves student performance. Instead, I ask that you spend your evenings doing things that are proven to correlate with student success. Eat dinner as a family, read together, play outside and get your child to bed early.” We should… Read more »

How To Spot a Doctor Who Is Not an Entrepreneur

There are many misinterpretations on what it means to be a physician entrepreneur. Here are 10 myths. – See more at:

Higher Education Meets Sick Care

Three of the most resistant industries to change are government, higher education, and sick care. All three seem to have the same problem with pricing their products, being transparent, cost shifting, accounting gimmicks, and waste and abuse. As a result, students, patients and taxpayers pay more out of pocket. – See more at: