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Informed Consent Versus Understood Consent

If you have had surgery or any other kind of procedure lately, you signed an informed consent to surgery or treatment. The problem is that you probably did not understand it and most likely forget what you signed 10 minutes after doing so.– See more at:

Entrepreneurship Lessons from Pope Francis

Pope Francis is coming to the US. Few popes have shaken and electrified the Catholic World like him and his visit to Washington during the presidential election cycle presents an interesting contrast in leadership styles. The Pontiff will be addressing a joint session of Congress. Given that most of the audience is either running for… Read more »

The Sick Care Gig Economy

The US is increasingly becoming a gig economy. Part-timers and freelancers are creating portfolios, not careers. Corporate loyalty is dead and only a fraction of employed workers are engaged. The American Dream is on life support, if not dead. The fundamental future of work is changing, wages remain stagnant for most, and the workforce of the… Read more »

Who are the earlyvangelists?

Coffee Care: What if Starbucks Were Run Like Your University Hospital?

Howard Schultz has done an admirable job turning Starbucks around, and some think he has his eyes on serving lattes in the White House. If he leaves, maybe the Starbucks board will be looking for a mega Sick Care rock star to take the helm. But, then, what would Starbucks look like if it were run by… Read more »

Are you a medical device or medtech entrepreneur? If so, stop being a problem solver!

In our society, the ability to solve problems is celebrated.  In fact, most people would describe themselves as a good “problem solver” in order to get promoted or to land a new gig.  But is problem solving overrated?  In the world of entrepreneurship, Dr. Arlen Meyersthinks problem solving is a mistake.  Instead, he suggests you should… Read more »

Top 10 SoPE Chapter Tips

Many are interested in learning more about what is involved with creating and leading a SOPE chapter. Here are some tips : 1. Remember, the puposes of SoPE chapters are to 1) advance the mission of SoPE-getting ideas to patients-by providing members with education, resources, networks, mentors, experiential learning and connections to investors, 2) recruit… Read more »

10 Healthcare Policy Questions for Presidential Candidates

The second GOP presidential candidate debate is tonight. Most of the chatter seems to be revolving around anti-establishment politics, immigration, and the Iran deal. With the exception of the usual pablum that Obamacare should be repealed and replaced, there has been relatively little focus on healthcare policy, despite the fact that the field of candidates includes… Read more »

10 Ways to Change Sick Care to Health Care

The US, like other advanced countries, has a Sick Care system masquerading and being promoted as a health care system. The large majority of resources go to sick-care, people are trained to be Sick Care technicians and technocrats, and our education system is designed to beat students into Sick Care conformity. – See more at:… Read more »

Entrepreneurial Lessons from the Wright Brothers

The Wright brothers made history with their flight in December 1903. Man landed on the moon on July 20, 1969, a mere 66 years later. David McCullough tells us the story of this remarkable accomplishment on a barren strip of beach in North Carolina in his latest book. – See more at: