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The Innovation Institute Signs Exclusive Global Agreement with Society of Physician Entrepreneurs

La Palma, Calif. – August 17, 2016 – The Innovation Institute announced today that it has signed an exclusive global agreement with the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs (SoPE), a biomedical and healthcare innovation network of over 25,000 international members, to collaborate on concepts, ideas, and solutions that will improve healthcare delivery.  SoPE has 25 Chapters worldwide.   … Read more »

The Uncertainty Effect

Economists see uncertainty harming the US economy and individual businesses. Physicians see uncertainty harming US medicine. Physician entrepreneurs see both. – See more at:

Why It Will Get Harder for BIG MEDICINE to Find Good Help

BIG MEDICINE , i.e. increasingly consolidated, expanded, and, in some instances, vertically integrated, sick care delivery systems are getting bigger. Yet, over half of medical practices in the US are run by small medicine, independent medical physician entrepreneurs controlling professional services businesses.  – See more at:

Opportunities in Small Medicine BPO

As of 2014, there are about 916,000 licensed physicians in the US. Despite news regarding consolidation and BIG MEDICINE, the majority of America’s physicians still work in small practices. In essence, it is a mom and pop industry composed of small business professional service companies run by small business physician entrepreneurs. – See more at:

When It Comes to Cost, Doctors Are Caring But Clueless

When it comes to the costs of what they order, doctors are caring but clueless. That’s a big problem given that about 3/4 of the cost of care comes from the doctor’s pen, mouse, or mobile device. – See more at:

The 10% Physician Entrepreneur

If you have ever considered being a physician entrepreneur, you may feel it requires an all-in, 100% percent focus, which would mean leaving a full-time job. – See more at:

A Glossary of Sick Care Innovation

Many of you are probably confused by terms used by people talking and writing about sick care innovation. Since the terms are confusing and the field is growing so rapidly, here is a glossary that might help you. – See more at:

10 Things You Should Know About Medical Bills

By now you have probably been the victim of bad medical billing. It could be relatively harmless, damage your credit rating, or, in some instances, send you to bankruptcy court.  – See more at:

We Need Entrepreneurial Medical Schools

Many universities are calling themselves “entrepreneurial”.Most; however, are just putting old wine in a new bottle. For them, the goal is to graduate students who can create a viable and sustainable business.– See more at:

Understanding the Business of Medicine Should be an ACGME Competency

The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) accredits Sponsoring Institutions and residency and fellowship programs, confers recognition on additional program formats or components, and dedicates resources to initiatives addressing areas of import in graduate medical education. – See more at: