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Innovation Starts With The Right Mindset

My back of the envelope observation is that about 1% of doctors, engineers, and scientists have an entrepreneurial mindset and the six habits that define it. – See more at:

Dialing for Sick-Care Dollars

Many IT data, analytics, and patient experience companies are in the business of creating products and services designed to help clients, increase participation in bundled payment environments, cut costs, maximize revenues, and avoid payment penalties. – See more at:

10 Top New Jobs in Sick Care

The sick-care workforce is changing and every day there are new opportunities to retrain or create new roles. The workforce crystal ball looks something like this. – See more at:

Not If, But When, You’re Hacked

The internet is a dangerous, insecure place. At a recent Health IT conference, a few hospital chief information security officers talked the about the present state of HIT cybersecurity and offered some observations.  – See more at:

The Patient Centered Medical Homeless

The other night my wife and I had dinner with friends. Both are over 65, and, as you would expect, both have experienced some recent health problems. We try to avoid conversations about politics, but, inevitably, the state of the sick-care system weaseled its way into the conversation. The subject of conversation was that they… Read more »

10 Things Physician Entrepreneurs Should Know About Intellectual Property

Intellectual property (IP) refers to creations of the mind, such as inventions; literary and artistic works; designs; and symbols, names, and images used in commerce. It is one of the keystones of physician and bioscience entrepreneurship, so anyone interested in getting an idea to patients need to be familiar with some fundamentals. – See more at:… Read more »

Evidence-Based Digital Health

I recently attended a meeting about health innovation. The speakers delivered what has become the mandatory script for such events, including such topics as disruption, open innovation, social media, restoring the doctor-patient relationship, and how ripe medicine is for change. I was disappointed. – See more at:

The Lost Tribe of Medicine

I can remember opening my medical school acceptance letter. I was, of course, excited to go down a lifelong career pathway. But I also felt joy at knowing that I was accepted into a tribe of international doctors that would welcome me anywhere in the world, who spoke a common language and had a common… Read more »

The Personalized Doctor Experience

Most everyone agrees that there are significant sick-care outcome disparities in the US. Patients assume that their doctors treat everyone the same.   – See more at:

Franchise Players Don’t Win Innovation Championships by Themselves

LeBron James is arguably the best player in basketball today. But, the Cavaliers could not have won the championship without the rest of the lineup and the bench playing a supporting, and sometimes, leading role, too. – See more at: