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Is BIG MEDICINE Coopetition The Answer For Small Medicine?

As BIG MEDICINE gets bigger, the state of private practice is precarious and faces several existential threats. Regulatory, legal, and IT mandates that don’t work for small medicine further add to the burden. – See more at:

11 Reasons Why There Are Unnecessary Medical Visits

It is estimated that about a third of US sick care spending is due to waste or unnecessary medical interventions. While most of sick care is responding to financial incentives to reduce or eliminate unnecessary hospital readmissions and ER visits, unnecessary outpatient visits continue unabated. They happen for several basic reasons. – See more at:… Read more »

How To Rewire

Expected retirement and actual age depends on income and education. Also, according to the latest survey from the Physician’s Foundation, a whopping 39% of physicians indicated they would be accelerating their retirement plans due to changes in the healthcare system. So, if you plan to retire, or more appropriately, rewire, consider combining your encore career with… Read more »

How To Screw Up Online Medical Practice Marketing

Private practice is under siege, so it is imperative that you practice Othercare.    One of the Othercare Commandments: Thou Shalt be sure you have cover the fundamental parts of online digital medical practice marketing to improve the patient experience. These fundamental parts of online digital medical practice are: website, search engine optimization, social media, and… Read more »

Doctors of the World, Unite

At a recent AMA meeting, The Indiana delegation proposed that the AMA study and unionization in the U.S. The delegation noted that as more physicians become employees of large organizations, “Employed physicians often are ‘on their own’ as they deal with issues with their employer unless they use legal or mediation services … The lack of… Read more »

How Should We Measure The Value of Health IT?

sk most doctors and they will tell you that EMRs and other digital health products, like telemedicine platforms, are more of a problem than a solution and that they fail to see the benefits. – See more at:

Patient Care is A Movie, Not a Snap Shot

When it comes to treating patients, most doctors get to see the snap shot, not the movie. Periodic visits, whether they are face-to-face or remote are usually “just in time” events. What happens between the visits is usually a mystery. – See more at:

Telemedicine is The Son of EMRs

Telemedicine might be getting more traction in the business community and offer an improved patient experience, but many docs are not using it in their daily practice. A simple explanation is that, given present offerings, it does not improve the doctor experience. We have seen this movie before and we know how it ends. – See more… Read more »

Weight Loss is Irrelevant!

 Find out why at PrescriptFit Medical Nutrition Therapy treats nutrition-related disease in days and weeks, not  months or years necessary for “weight loss”. Find out why “Weight Loss is Irrelevant” and how you can incorporate this treatment  easily into any primary care practice. Obamacare mandates payment first dollar (no copay, no deductible) and 100 patients… Read more »

Operation Room Efficiency: A View From The Scrub Sink

I’ve spent a lot of time in the OR. One thing you learn is that the problems never seem to change, only the attempted solutions. Like noxious weeds, you can spray them, pull them, or ignore them. You could also try to lean them to death, but they would always seem to come back each… Read more »